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Happy Thigh " Anti - Chafing "  Cool Underwear

Products on Korean Broadcasting.

◎ For the prevention of rubbing to the inner thighs.

Stockings can be worn all year round - spring, autumn, winter...However in summer, many women feel the discomfort of rubbing between the inner thighs.

Happy Thigh Underwear is the perfect solution to this problem and are specifically designed to help the lager lady deal with chafing to the inner things.

Only women who have suffered from this particular problem can understand the need for comfortable, anti -chafing underwear.

Happy Thigh Underwear can be worn discreetly under dresses, shirts or school uniforms without anyone enticing

※ Qualify of meterial : Cooling fabric, Polyester(Dry - fit), Spandex

※ Color : White, Black

※ Made in Korea

※ Size: Free (66~130)

Waist circumference : 86cm (33.5inch)

Lower thigh : 30cm (11.5inch)

Largest part of inner thigh : 50cm (19.5inch)

※ Difference:

Since cotton is a natural material, it easily absorbs sweat.

Skin will feel fresh and cool.

As the fabric holds in the moisture away from the skin,

chafing is far less likely.

※ Strong Point:

As summer weather can be hot and sticky, Happy Thigh underwear have been designed to stay in place. Since the underwear doesn't more around, the skin will not be irritated and will not lead to chafing. Skin stays cool during hot weather.

As an extra benefit, Happy thigh Underwear will keep you warm in winter. The nature material keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. The nature fabric helps the body regulate body temperature.

When placing an order, please specify the color.

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